Wheat Bran

Most of the grains including wheat have a hard outer layer that after processing becomes a byproduct of the same known as bran. Thus, in other words, wheat bran is the hard outer layer that is used for various purposes after processing. Bran is composed of two combined part such as aleurone and also pericarp. Also, one of the essential components for making wheat flour is bran. Much like the grain itself, it comes loaded with nutrition and thus, offers many benefits and acts as dietary supplements.

Bran is now used in different foods like cereals, muffins, and others. It comes with high dietary fiber and gives a feeling of fulfillment on consuming. All grains contain bran and in some like, corn, rice, oats, millets, barley and rye it is milled. Most people confuse it with chaff that is a much coarser and scaly material which surrounds the grain but is not considered as its part.

Oil content is also quite high in bran making it susceptible to rancidification. Due to this reason, producers usually separated from grain before any further processing is done or stored. Some industries also treat it with heat for increasing its longevity.

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Benefits to Understand

  • To understand its benefits, you must first get to learn about its nutritional content like high availability of dietary fiber and essential fatty acids. It’s also needed to promote good health.
  • Intestinal transit is quickly facilitated through it reducing the condition of constipation and other digestive problems.
  • Considered as a dietary supplement for people that are suffering from obesity. Helps in controlling appetite and also improves satiety.
  • Doctor advice this for people that are suffering from anemia or have low iron content in body, to include this as a part of cereal. At the same time, it is also good for people that perform strenuous physical exercise.
  • As a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, it helps you to increase good cholesterol in body preventing from heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Uses of Wheat Bran

It is primarily used as cereal but otherwise you can also use it in making muffins and cakes. There are also waffles and pancakes made out of bran. You can also opt for bread that has an amount of bran contained in it. It is one of the versatile foods that can be consumed with almost anything. Add it to stews and soups to increase the nutritional value.

Global Demand of Wheat Bran

Some of the major supply to the global demand for wheat bran is coming from countries like Germany, United States, China, and Japan. Though Ukraine is also a major competitor in this market, its first half between year 2011 and 2012 has shown inconsistent growth affecting the world market for this product. It is quite expected by the market researchers that demand for this product is going to show a steep growth in the near future owing to increase in export from Bulgaria.

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