Get the Maximum Benefits of Barley An Enriched Grain

Barley is a well-known cereal grain. It is a member of the grass family, and it mainly grows in temperate climates in different parts of the world. Barley is considered as one of the first cultivated grains of this planet. With the passing course of time, this cereal becomes one of the most popular food items for those who want to have something healthy in the diet. It is also considered as a widely used ingredient in various health foods. It includes dietary fibers, protein, vitamin B, dietary minerals and other nutrients. It contains phosphorus and manganese too. Raw barley contains 78% carbohydrates, 10% protein, 10% water, and 1% fat.

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Different Typesof Barley

There are different types of barley available in the market. All of them have some distinct features. Most of the time, the barley is covered with a hull. However, there are some types of barley that have a very light cover which can be easily removed during harvesting. The other ones need to be removed before eating. There are hulled barley, hulless barley, barley grits, barley flakes, barley flours, pearl barley and quick pearl barley. These last two varieties are not considered as whole grains.

Impact of Various Types of Barley

  • It is considered as one of those cereals that have lots of nutrients. It is a rich source of dietary fibers, protein, and minerals that can help the human body in several manners.
  • It is great for the patients of high blood pressure. It helps them to keep their blood pressure level low.
  • It is also good for the human bone health. The presence of iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc contribute to having a strong bone in the human body.
  • Barley is also good for the heart. It has fiber, potassium and vitamin B6 that is good for the human heart. It has a shortage of cholesterol which provides great support to a healthy heart.
  • Barley is also considered as a good diet for those who want to prevent the chance of having cancer. It helps in the process of detoxification of some of the cancer compounds that can easily found in human body.
  • Barley has choline which offers immense help in our sleeping habit. It also plays a vital role in our memory, learning ability and muscle movement.
  • Barley is also good for those who have a problem with indigestion and irregular bowl movement.

Use of Barley

Barley is widely used as an important food in many countries. Apart from that, there are countries where it is used for animal feeding too. In England, it is widely used as algicide to reduce the growth of algal in fish ponds or water gardens.

Global Demand of Barley

Some of the major supply to the global demand for wheat bran is coming from countries like Germany, United States, China, and Japan. Though Ukraine is also a major competitor in this market, its first half between year 2011 and 2012 has shown inconsistent growth affecting the world market for this product. It is quite expected by the market researchers that demand for this product is going to show a steep growth in the near future owing to increase in export from Bulgaria.

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