Wheat is one of the most popular cereal grains and is used in almost every household in one form or other. It is cultivated almost in major regions of the world. This ample source of carbohydrates is compounded and form starch. There is another component of this grain which is known as gluten. It has fiber, water, carbs, and various types of fats as a ready source of calories. The main use of wheat can be seen as wheat flour in households to prepare various food items. They contain the similar nutritional values of whole grain wheat.

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Different types of wheat

There are various types of wheat available in the world. The climate and weather of a certain area can determine that which type of wheat will grow there. Generally, we can see red or white wheat. This grain can be classified in two other ways also; as hard and soft. Both red and white wheat can be used to prepare flour. Both of them have several types of health benefits. Apart from them there are some general categories of wheat as a whole grain.

  • Common wheat
  • Durum wheat
  • Ancient wheat

All of them have their distinct characteristics on the basis of which they get their separate categories.

Benefits of wheat

  • Wheat has the immense nutritional values, no matter whether you are using it as a whole grain or as flour.
  • It is a great source of carbohydrate, protein and dietary fiber.
  • . Those, who have the issue of constipation, can get rid of the same if consume foods that contain wheat in a regular manner.
  • It has minerals such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, arsenic, zinc, iodide, silicon, manganese, copper, along with Vitamin B and E.
  • It has a great health impact on the people who are suffering from obesity.
  • For pregnant women, doctors suggest wheat foods because of good digestion.

Uses of wheat

In our daily life, we prefer to use wheat in many processes. It is mainly used as a food product. White and soft wheat is used to get flour which is preferred for preparing breakfast foods as well as biscuits. Apart from that wheat is also widely used to prepare beer and whiskey. It is a popular livestock feed provided as Wheat animal feed grade and milling wheat with gluten to use them in poultry firm to feed animals and birds.

Worldwide consumption of wheat

If you see the worldwide scenario, you can understand that it is one of the largest and widest growing crops of this planet. The demand for this grain can be seen everywhere. Though people of different countries may use it in different manners, but the global demand for wheat is undoubtedly rising all the way.

S. N. Export – One of the Biggest Wheat Exporters

As a leading wheat exporter, S. N. Export can understand the demand for this product in the global market. We offer this item to our clients who are located in almost all the parts of the globe that includes Europe, Mediterranean Countries, Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada etc. We deliver our goods both in inland and overseas countries. Since we are Bulgaria-based Company, we can deliver wheat from Ukraine and Bulgaria through local shipment for the European countries.

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