Sorghum belongs to the grass family, and it is a genus of plants. There are total 25 different species available in the world, and 17 of them can be found in Australia. Some of them can also be found in Asia and Africa. Most of these species are used as fodder plants in the course of animal husbandry. You can either export them. However, they can grow naturally too. It is low in protein but very rich in fiber components. It is seen that the chemical composition of sorghum has a match with that of corn. This plan supplies grains for both human and animal feeds.

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Different Types of Sorghum

The range of genetic diversity of sorghum is amazing. There are some species that do not have any physical or similarity with the other ones, and thus, it is difficult to recognize them as a member of this family. There are vegetable sorghums, popping shorghums, sorghums with vitamin A, tannin-free shorghums, aromatic sorghums and many more others. Some of them can be used as cereals because of their reach properties. Some of them are processed, and some are used naturally.

Benefits of Using Sorghums

  • Sorghum is the source of unlimited nutrients for both human and animal bodies.
  • These nutrients are rich in content, and thus, consumption of the item in a regular manner can help you to maintain the balance of nutrients in your body to a great extent.
  • It has Vitamin B, thiamin, and niacin including iron and multiple dietary minerals.
  • It is good for the digestive system of our body. It is also good for cancer prevention.
  • At the same time, it is good for diabetes control.
  • It has magnesium, and this is really effective for the health of human bone. Those who are suffering from bone related diseases can get huge benefits from sorghum.

Uses of Sorghum

In countries like USA, UK, and Australia, this grain is wildly used for livestock feeds. It is used in large ethanol plants too. It is used for the production of alcohol beverages. It is a popular food in USA because it is a gluten-free food. It is used to produce leavened and unleavened bread. They can be eaten as sweet corn. Syrup from sweet sorghum is very common.

Global Demand of Sorghum

USA, UK, and Australia are the countries where you can see the extensive use of sorghum as livestock feed as well as human food. There are families where it is included in their daily diet. Thus, in such countries, the demand for this product is really very high. Those who are not capable of growing sorghum on their own try to import them from the areas where the cultivation of this item is very high.

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