Animal Feed

Animal feed refers to the foods that are given to various animals in the process of animal husbandry. In a similar manner there is bird feed, cattle feed, poultry feed or fish feedings that are used for these individual animals. Fodder refers to the foods that are given to the animals rather than the foods that they collect for themselves. It includes hay, silage, dried foods, dried larvae, straw, oils, mixed rations as well as sprouted grains. Animals have some specific nutritional needs and the foods they eat must have all those nutrient content that are vital for their body.

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Variety of Animal & Bird Feeds

Different types of animals consume different types of foods. The foods that are suitable for animals like cats and dogs may not be good enough for horse or birds. Thus, you need to be careful while choosing the right feed for animals and birds. Bird foods mainly contain dried foods, dried larvae, nuts, seeds, etc. Generally, a mixture of seeds and grains are given to the birds in poultries are classified as below.

  • Natural
  • Commercial

It depends on the species and age of the bird or the animal that what type of food you should give to them.

Benefits of Animal Feeds

Like the foods consumed by the human being, animal feeds has some great benefits on the health and body of these creatures.

  • These foods are considered as an immense source of protein that is highly required for the growth of various animals.
  • It fulfills the needs of multiple vitamins in the bodies of animals to make them healthy.
  • They are good to build a strong immunity power among the animals to keep them safe from any kind of infection.
  • Animal feeds give strength to various body parts so that they can run, walk or fly.
  • They give them the power to fight against illness and stay fit.

Uses of Animal and Bird Feed

The maximum uses of these products can be seen in poultry firms where various types of animals are raised. In the industry of animal husbandry, these products are highly essential. You can see an excessive use of these products not only for commercial purposes but also for the pets and animals that are kept in private poultries.

Global demand for these products

There are high demands of such feeds in countries where animal husbandry is one of the major industries. You can see a flourishing industry of animal husbandry and poultry farms in the USA, UK, Asian countries or the nations of Middle East. Thus, the demand for best quality animal feeds from Ukraine and Bulgaria is always growing in these areas.

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