Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be obtained from the fruit pumpkin. However, pumpkin can be consumed as both fruit and vegetable. The seeds are reach sources of many essential minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. They are also good source of essential amino acids such as glutamate and tryptophan. It has protein in a good quantity which can help our body to be strong and enhance our immunity. The seeds also contain Vitamin B along with niacin. Apart from the use of machinery, there is a traditional process of pumpkin seed extraction to get oil from the same. You need to roast them gently in low temperature before you press them to extract the oil.

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Pumpkin as a food or vegetable

Technically pumpkin is considered as a fruit because you can eat it when it ripe which cannot be done with most of the vegetables. However, there are countries where pumpkin is widely used as a vegetable and people prepare food items with the help of the same. They eat pumpkin itself or use it as the ingredient to make other foods. Both pumpkin and pumpkin seeds belong to the Cucurbitaceous family.

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

  • These seeds are considered as a rich source of protein and fat. It has the elements that can make it nature’s sleeping pill.
  • It has vitamin B complex which plays a vital role in the process of cellular substrate metabolism. They work for various enzymes in the human body.
  • These seeds are a good source of vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant. Thus, you can take care of your skin which becomes dark or dull because of harmful radicals.
  • The seeds are good for reduction of bad cholesterol in human body. They are also good for the human brain.
  • These seeds contain essential minerals in a right amount. So the demand of various minerals of the body can be fulfilled through these seeds.

Application of Pumpkin Seeds

The best use of pumpkin seeds is made to prepare oil. This oil has a nutty taste and rich in fatty acid. It is mainly used for salad dressing. This oil can be used for making deserts as well. These seeds are trademark in Mexican cuisines. In many cultures, the utilization of these seeds as the natural solution of tapeworms and other parasites can be seen.

Global Market of Pumpkin Seeds

Since the product is full of elements that are excellent for the human body; thus, the demand for the same is very high in the modern market. There are lots of areas where people use these seeds in their daily diets to keep themselves healthy. In the Asian market, the demand is very high. However, in Canada or the USA one can see a good demand too.

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