Almond is a kind of tree that is native to the Middle East area, North Africa, and Indian Subcontinent. The very name also refers to the seed of this tree which is widely used as an edible item. This seed is widely cultivated too. The fruit is a drupe that has an outer hull with a hard shell. That fruit cannot be technically called a “true nut.” However, people prefer to classify it as a nut. This nut has protein as well as certain minerals like calcium and magnesium. Almond oil can be obtained from the seed by following a certain process of extraction.

Types of Almond

There are different types of almonds available all over the world. The most popular one is the common almond with a rich test. Apart from that, there are some special ones like Chinese almond, green almond, and bitter almond. Countries like the USA do not allow the selling of bitter almond because of the presence of hydrogen cyanide. On the other hand, the green almond has a green furry cover. The cover is actually the fruit and the seed is inside.

Features of Almond That Help You

  • Almond is considered as food with dense nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. Thus, it has a great impact on our health if we can consume the nut daily.
  • The presence of vitamin E and B makes it good for eyes and skin. That is the reason people prefer to use almond oil to have a good and healthy looking skin. Apart from that, it contains a lot of fats and fibers that are healthy.
  • It controls the blood sugar level as well as helps your body to reduce the blood pressure.
  • Almond can be used for weight loss because it reduces hunger in our body. That is the reason people who like to stay fit and slim, consume almond every day.

Use of Almond

Almonds are used to prepare oil. It is used widely as a culinary ingredient in all over the world. There are dishes that have almond milk as well as almond as the nut. Food items like cakes, cookies, biscuits often have almond. There are smoked and salted almonds, and both are used in various foods as an ingredient. However, you can have raw almond as well roasted. Almond oil is considered good for skin and hair.

The Global Demand for Almond

Almond is a kind of nut which is used in various parts of the world as a culinary item. Thus, the demand for fresh and good quality almond can be seen everywhere

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