Coriander seeds

Cilantro is the other name of coriander. It is a member of annual herb of Apiaceae family. The entire part of the plant can be eaten. Nonetheless, the fresh leaves are used widely as a culinary ingredient all across the world. Apart from that, the dried seeds are also used in cooking as a spice. As per the nutritional profile the fresh leaves and the stems of the plant is different from that of the seeds. The fresh leaves have vitamins like C, K and A. They also have dietary minerals in moderate proportion. On the other hand, the amount and quality of vitamins present in seeds are not very significant one, but they are able to render significant quantity of fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese.

Whole Coriander Seeds from Bulgaria and Ukraine

Different Types of Coriander

If you search all over the world, then you can find more than 35 types of coriander. They are distinct on the basis of their physical composition, look and feel. Some of them have long, and thick leaves, and the other have small leaves with long stems. All of them are used in cooking. Different countries cultivate different types of corianders as per their culinary and agricultural background.

Advantages of Coriander

  • It is a great source of dietary fiber. That is the reason there are many communities and culture where the use of coriander is a must in most of the dishes.
  • It has iron, manganese and magnesium as well which can help your heart to function well. It is considered as a good item for skin because of the presence of vitamin C in it.
  • While making a salad, people love to use the coriander leaves for garnishing. However, the leaves are used for the same purpose in many other dishes also.
  • Coriander has components like Linalool or Borneol, which are good for preventing Diarrhea. The dust of coriander seeds can be used to get rid of indigestion.
  • Patients with hypertension, mouth ulcers and anemia can get relief from these ailments if they consume coriander in a regular manner.
  • It has anti-allergic properties, and thus, patients who are suffering from the same can try coriander to get some relief.

Uses of Coriander

Coriander plants provide both spice and herb. The seed can be used as a spice in chili and curry dishes. They have a sweet smell with a lemony touch. You can see the use of coriander leaves in Asian dishes, Thai dishes or Mexican dishes to a great extent. Besides the culinary use, coriander oil is also used in spas as an essential oil for skin treatment.

Worldwide Demand for Coriander

It is a kind of plant that can be used from top to bottom. Thus, its demand is immense. An excessive demand can be seen in the countries where coriander leaves and seeds are mostly used in cooking. Apart from that, there are countries where coriander essential oil is used for skin treatment.

S. N. Export – Provider of Good Quality Coriander

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