Greek Olives – Kalamata, Green & Black Olive

Olive belongs to the species of small tree from the family of Oleaceae. The fruit of this tree is also known as olive and famous for its oil which is widely used to get healthier skin and hair. There are some countries where it is cultivated and in some places, it is naturalized. The fruit has major agricultural importance in the Mediterranean coast and countries like Argentina, Java, Saudi Arabia, etc. 90% of the olives that are cultivated are transformed into oil and the rest is used as table olives. Mixed triglyceride esters of oleic acid and palmitic acid can be found in olive oil along with fatty acids, squalene, and sterols. However, this composition may vary because of the region, the cultivar as well as the time of harvest. The extraction process also plays a vital role in determining the composition ratio. The fruit has fat, sodium, cholesterol, vitamins, carbohydrate and other nutritional elements.

Greek Olives - Green Olives from Greece

Types of Olives

As olive is world’s one of the oldest fruits, you can find a lot of varieties of the same. There are more than 10 types of olives available all around the world. The most popular types are Oil-cured, Sicilian green, Gaeta, Kalamata olives from Greece, Black olives, Cerignola, etc. The type depends on the region where the tree is harvested or naturalized. The local soil, water and climate are responsible for giving the individual characteristics. You can find the differences in their color, flavor and taste. Olives in Greece is a significant part of our agricultural tree crops and dominates in our nutrition habits. Green olives picked when they have obtained full size, but before the ripening cycle has begun. Usually shades of green to yellow. Black olives or ripe olives picked at full maturity when fully ripe. Found in assorted shades of purple to brown to black.

Benefits of Olives

  • As the fruit is considered as an immense source of Vitamin E so, it is extremely good for skin and hair. People often use olive oil to obtain healthier and glowing skin.
  • The oil contains phytochemicals which are known to affect the cancer cells. They are effective in killing cancer genes as well.
  • Some study has shown that olive oil is effective for the patients with Alzheimer. It can prevent memory loss.
  • Foods prepared in olive oil are considered healthier because of the high nutritional values of this oil.
  • Apart from the oil, you can consume olive as a fruit too because it can help you to control your blood pressure level.
  • It offers protection for those who are suffering from anemia. It is also consumed to get a healthy immune system.

Use of Olives

As we all know, 90% of the whole cultivated olive is used to produce oil. However, the tree is also used to get wood. You can obtain fine quality wood from this tree. There are lots of foods and beverages where olive is used. Olive oil is widely used in the Mediterranean area as the cooking oil.

Global Demand for Olive

Since the oil is widely used in almost all the parts of the world for getting healthy skin and hair, thus the demand for this fruit is very high. In the region of Mediterranean coast, the demand of olive is highest because the people of this area use olive oil in their daily culinary jobs.

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