Sunflower Kernels

Sunflower seed or kernel is fruit of the same that is used in de-hulled form. It is basically the de-hulled way of seed that is apt for human consumption. The best part of these kernels is that it can be used for direct consumption and at the same time in variety of bakery mixes. Once they are pre-cleaned, it is then, de-stoned by using an optical scanner. After that, the de-hulled procedure is carried out. Here two important devices are used like Sortex optical color sorter and x-ray scanner to ensure color quality of seeds and its extent of purity. The industry standard set for the product is 99.95%. There are specifically two grades of sunflower kernels from Bulgaria and Ukraine is available in the shop. One is regular grade varies from 3 to 6 mm, and another is premium grade that ranges from 6mm to above. It makes one of the functional, delicious and versatile food choices with added nutritional value better than other food in the same category.
Sunflower Kernels Exporter from Ukraine and Bulgaria

Types Available In Market

There are different types of nuts available in the market as per the uses and standard. There is first regular grade and premium grade available. And other types also include the raw and roasted forms are consumed in different ways.

Benefits to Know

  • Owing to inherent properties like nutty and crunchy, these are one of the delicious and healthiest foods. You will get high energy and other essential minerals, nutrients and antioxidant from consuming it.
  • Due to high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, it lowers bad cholesterol or LDL into HDL or good cholesterol in the blood.
  • Stroke and coronary artery diseases can be prevented by consuming it. At the same time, it favors in boosting healthy lipid profile of blood.
  • Like other nuts, it is also comes loaded with proteins and amino acids like tryptophan. This tryptophan is of great importance in growth of children.
  • Its anti-oxidant qualities remove toxins from body and reduce blood sugar level by reducing the breakdown of glycogen in liver.
  • Also, regarded as a rich source of vitamin E that is known to maintain the reliability of cell membrane and protection skin from oxygen free radicals.

About Its Uses

Sunflower seeds, apart from using it in variety of bakery products, also regarded as a snack but not as a part of any major meal. Moreover, you can also use it as form of garnishing in different recipes. Once, the kernels have sprouted it can also be included as a healthy part of salad. The ones that are used in bakery usually come in un-hulled or de-hulled, and the outer coating is used to make husk. You will find the dehulled germs in both raw and roasted form from the market. There also have been increased uses of seeds in producing sunflower butter which can be included as a part of nutritious breakfast with bread.

Global demand of Sunflower Kernels Bakery

The European region is highly dynamic as far as sunflower nuts are concerned. As the market for confectionery grade seeds is also growing, demand is coming from all over the world mainly from North America and Asia.

Exporters of Sunflower Kernels Bakery

We at the S.N. export trade wide variety of seeds that are conventionally used in bakery products. Our testing methods comply with every market standard and ensure smooth texture and retained nutrition of nuts.

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