Soya Meal

Amongst all protein supplements available in the market, soya meal is principally the most important one. It is not only used for human consumption but, at the same time used as animal and livestock feed. There is also some soya meal made produced out of residue left from oil extraction. Also, you might come across one such variant where ground soya bean hulls are used.

One thing that is significant about its production is its heat treatment. Owing to this method, trypsin inhibitors of soya bean are denatured effectively that would have otherwise interfered with protein digestion. Not to forget, it is also regarded as one of the biggest sources of metabolizes energy.

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Types of Soya Meal

There are mainly three kinds available to the consumers. Firstly, that comes with high fat content which is also considered as a rich source of metabolized energy concentration. Many times, this class of protein is fed to livestock. Secondly, comes the defatted ones with no hulls containing an intermediate energy concentration. This type is used in the market to feed swine, layers and broilers. Lastly, comes the defatted ones with hulls. It gets digestible by majority of livestock including the domestic types. It ensures adequate protein intake in animals and cattle.

Benefits of Soya Meal

  • Firstly, one of the best considered health and nutritional benefit of soyabean meal is its protein concentration that is high as found in most of legumes and plant species.
  • Fermented varieties give more benefits than the unfermented ones. Having dairy products and meat with soya will result into improved quantity intake of vitamin K and folate.
  • At the same time, you will also get large portions of iron, magnesium and calcium with additional grams of fiber if taken on everyday basis.
  • Typical peptides like lunasin, conglycinins, glycinins and defensins are those that are known to give humans with improved blood pressure and control on blood sugar levels as well.
  • Its intake will also give you improved immunity function and reducing cardio vascular risks. Thus, you can say that, it potentially transforms LDL into HDL and promotes heart health.

Use of Soya Meal

As far as, source of food for humans are concerned, only 2% of the globally produced soya meal is used for soya flour and other related products. It also forms the basis of vegetable protein and soy milks. A consumer will get variants like low-fat, full fat, defatted and lecithinated types as well. It is also a natural replacement of major hormonal replacement in women like estrogen owing to its phytoestrogen content.

Thus, a major portion of soya meal or 98% is used for animal feed where most is exported from U.S. This fact implies that it is considered as one of major animal feed from all over the world.

Global Demand As Seen

As per the recent report United States, Argentina, China, Brazil, Bulgaria and other European countries have emerged as the major exporters of it. At the same times, due to its high nutritional value, its demand in increasing duly Asian and other European countries.

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