Cheese Feta And Yellow Cheese Kashkaval

As all of you know that cheese is a milk derivative food. Previously, it had only one flavor and texture owing to various technological drawbacks in its processing. However, now the industry has progressed to such an extent that producing and processing is now available in a range of textures, flavors, and forms. Most importantly, feta cheese is now available in the market that is used for different applications like in food.

One of the primary forms of producing it is through coagulation of dairy protein or, in other words, casein. It is comprised of fat and protein of milk procured from sheep, goats, buffalos and cows. At presents, hundreds of countries from all around the world are in the business of producing cheese of different variant like pasteurized or butterfat.

One of the most common varieties of feta cheese that is popular amongst the consumers is the processed one. Here, it’s added with emulsifiers, sugar, whey and other coloring agents to make it delicious for human consumption. On the other hand, its nutritious factor is also retained due to various chemical processes.

Feta Cheese and Kashkaval Yellow Cheese

Types of Cheese Milk Products

As cheese is one of the delicious dairy food products, it also has its variety available in the market procured from different countries through trade. To be precise, there are primary, 8 types like Asiago, Blue, Cheddar, Cream, Feta, Goat, Swiss and lastly, vegetarian. All these cheeses are used in different ways, in different foods to bring out the unique taste. There is variety of cheese feta is available in Bulgaria market. Bulgarian white cheese is one of them. Lactose tolerant bacteria react to the milk and transform it to yoghurt and thereafter to the sirene which gives it a unique flavour which is very popular in Bulgaria and Ukraine. This white cheese can be taste well in your meal. The softer version is bit yellow in colour with milky taste and known as “Yellow Cheese Kashkaval” or “Kaskaval Yellow Cheese” in Bulgaria.

Benefits to Know

  • The nutritional value of cheese feta is on par with any other dairy derived products. To start with, it has lots of nutrients like protein, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin B12, and A.
  • People that are suffering from calcium deficiency diseases can benefit from feta cheese. It helps to repair bone density and is essential for building strong muscles.
  • Unlike trans-fats that are found in all other processed foods, cheese comes loaded with ruminant trans-fat that promotes weight loss when taken in a limited amount.
  • Its regular consumption in small amount is also beneficial is keeping heart diseases at bay. If you are suffering from osteoporosis, this could help you improve the condition.
  • As it comes with Vitamin B12, so it is much essential for proper functioning of nervous system.

Uses of Cheese Milk Products

Most commonly used in various types of food recipes, to enhance its flavor and bring out a zest. Apart from that, you can also consume it as a part of your balanced diet during breakfast. Its most common applications in food are atop pizza, or within a sandwich. Said to be one of the common ingredients that is used all over the world and loved by majority of population.

Demand in Cheese Milk Products in Global Forum

It can be said that the demand for this milk product is rising rapidly owing to its various health benefits and taste. Though this product is originally originating from southern Italy, it is now produced all over the world. It main key demand drivers are from the Asian countries.

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