Corn Germ

Germ of a corn is the reproductive part of a grain that germinates to grow in a plant. It is mainly an embryo to seed. Along with the bran, its kernel is often the byproduct of milling. Though this kernel is not directly used for human consumption, but liquid extracted from the same is used as a form of vegetable oil and cooking food.

On the other hand, germ of corn is considered as one of the primary product for livestock feeding. Germ is retained while manufacturing various end products and is regarded as one of the integral part of whole grain foods. Corn germs are also used in making flour. However, germ removal while making flour is useful as it improves its storage quality. It is also referred as one of attractive medium protein and energy supplement that is sued for many thoughtful applications.

Other non-whole grain applications are also used to cut out the endosperm from which flour is produced. All in all, germ is a by-product of milling.

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How Corn Germ is Beneficial?

  • Not only it is a good source of fiber but at the same time, it includes several nutrients like Vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, folate, thiamin and phosphorous.
  • These essential nutrients are good in reducing heart related diseases and improve immunity. It’s essential fatty acids are useful in reducing depression, Alzheimer’s disease and asthma.
  • People with high cholesterol and blood pressure can use vegetable oil extracted from this germ to see noticeable results.
  • You can also apply the oil, on skin as part of massage as it is known for being an excellent emollient. Its 59% linoleic acid content gets absorbed in the skin rapidly for better effect.
  • Hair follicles stays well nourished by its oil and thus, is treated for various hair diseases reducing cell damage.
  • It’s gentle enough for your pets as well. Due to this reason it is used in animal fodder and oil used in producing pet foods.

Use of Corn Germ

As already stated that the germ is not used directly for human consumption, however, the oil extracted is used as vegetable oil for cooking food. Apart from this, it also provides effective skin and hair care benefits. Moreover, you will find its usages in biodiesel technology and soap making industries. Food available for deep frying can be the best used by using corn germ oil. Its other end products includes, carrier made for medicines and as a major ingredient in making insecticides. You can also prevent iron surfaces from getting corroded by using this oil.

Global Demand of Corn Germ

As per recent demand and growth analysis, Corn germ oil industry is mainly focused on Europe and China markets. The demand will mainly come from American and European countries due to increased consciousness about high rate of heart related diseases. European countries and China being the leading exporter in global market initiate the use of different technologies to bring best quality of oil in market.

S.N. Export A Leading Supplier of Corn Germ

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