Hazelnuts are the nuts that come from the hazel or birch deciduous plant species. It comes with a cob with roughly spherical to oval in shape where a fibrous outer husk surrounds a smooth shell. After ripening the nut falls out of husk and this happens after six to seven months from pollination. Here, the kernel or the seed is edible and can be eaten in raw or roasted form. You can also ground it or make a paste out of it to use it as an ingredient in different food recipes.

Most importantly, hazelnuts are also used to feed livestock just like acorns and chestnuts. The dark brown thick skin of the seed at times removed before cooking. As far as the production of it is concerned then, Turkey is the leading producer in global platform contributed about 75% of total production in the world. Apart from that, it is also produced in Italy, Serbia, Greece, Washington and others.

Also, known as filberts, this sweet flavored nut can be included in daily diets owing to its several health benefits.

Hazelnuts - Beaked, American European hazelnut from Bulgaria and Ukraine

Types of Hazelnuts

There are primarily 3 types of hazelnuts produced from all across the world including North America, Asia, and Europe. Studies and researches are being initiated to bring out the best hybrid species of this nut for commercial purposes. The types are Beaked, American and European. The physical features of these mentioned nuts vary from the region of cultivation and slight differences in climatic conditions.

Several Benefits of Hazelnuts

  • Before consuming these nuts, one thing that you must keep in mind is that it does not come with any gluten and rich in vitamin E and B complex. You will get amount of thiamin, riboflavin, folates and niacin after consuming it.
  • Its monounsaturated fatty acids feature effectively reduces LDL or bad cholesterol and increases HDL or good cholesterol.
  • It reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases owing to rich source of magnesium and phosphorous.
  • Its highest proanthocyanidin content treats the risk of blood clotting and infections related to urinary tract.
  • It is the richest source of dietary fiber that effectively prevent from constipation. At the same time, owing to particularly, high in copper and manganese content, it is must for bone formation.

Use of Hazelnuts

This nut can be consumed in its raw form as a part of dietary supplement, but most of the time it is enjoyed in baked recipes and chocolates. You can eat it as snacks or in meals besides using it in desserts. As they boost the nutritional profile of salads, you can also add them to it. Quite unknown to many, its oil can also be used in cooking food. Moreover, hazelnuts bushes are capable of stabilizing erodible and sensitive soils.

Hazelnuts Global Demand & Prices

As per the global market, demand for hazelnuts from Bulgaria and Ukraine are continuing to rise but, the traded quantities are limited that is hinder the growth of the same. The local prices will also decrease as per prediction.

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