Sunflower Meals and Pellets

After industrialization, many natural products have been domesticated to use it for commercial purpose. And it’s done by most of the countries from all across the world. When you want to learn about sunflower and its related products, it’s important for you to know that there are largely two types produced out it. One is oil type, and other one is confectionary type. From the total production of it, only 38% is used for bird food, seed, and other domestic uses.

Thus, it can be said that out of the other 62% that is used to make edible oils, sunflower meal is the by-products of it. It is produced from the sunflower oil extraction process and is considered as an excellent feed for cattle. At the same time, it can be said as the fourth largest component that comes with rich protein content. The meal and pallets are generated after seeds are crushed for oil extraction through pre-pressed solvent extraction process.

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Benefits of Sunflower Meals and Pellets

  • Though nutrients in the meal tend to vary on different factors, but are still considered as a by-product that can serve as an excellent livestock feed.
  • As far as the protein content is concerned, it is said to be the richest source, containing more protein than, canola meal or soybean meal.
  • Packed with energy as it has substantial fiber and oil level. However, if a higher level of husk is included, its energy level tends to decrease consequently.
  • One of the best benefits of sunflower meal is delivering protein in feeder calf diet. These animals derive most of the protein from this by-product.
  • It is also included in the diet for cows improving its digestibility and nurturing it at the same time.

Uses To Know

As primarily grown in seed form, so it can be said that it’s posit processed form is used by human beings as vegetable oil for cooking. Apart from that, it is generally considered as a feed for cattle. As per the study about 90% is consumed by pig, cattle and poultry. Also, used in nitrogen required for rumen microbe that stays in the form of rumen-degradable protein. Milk yields in dairy cows substantially rise when the diet contains partially or fully de-hulled meal when compared to soybean meal. Whole seed feeding is carried out as it is one of the major fat supplements in diet of dairy cows.

Global Demand for Sunflower Pellets

Global demand for sunflower meals and pellets is seen to upsurge where the two most competitive exporters that are Ukraine and Russia continue to compete in the global market. Also, demand is rising from the Asian countries as they are picking up the trend of feeding cattle and poultry with sunflower meals and pellets. U.S.A. is said to be dominating the market in the current year and near future owing to being the largest producer in the world.

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