Corn Yellow Maize

Corn Yellow Maize – A Cereal Full Of Health Benefits

Those who like to consume cereals in their breakfast, always have a packed full of corn yellow maize in their kitchen. This is one of the most popular types of cereals available in almost all the parts of this world. Maize is popularly known as corn. It is a large grain plant. The plant has its origin 10,000 years ago in Mexico. It is accepted as the cereal with lots of health benefits. It has carbohydrate, crude fiber, ether extract, moisture, and protein. However, there are different percentages of these nutrient components can be found in different types of corns. You should know about them before you choose any of these corns in your regular diet.

Types of Corns

There are various types of corns available in the market. All of them have some great health benefits. There are six major types of maize mostly available in different parts of the World. They are;

  • Pod corn
  • Dent corn
  • Flint corn
  • Popcorn
  • Flour corn
  • Sweet corn

All of these corns have different uses, and they have their own significant in the human diet. All of them have a different amount of starch in them. Different countries use different types of corns in their regular diets as per the availability of the grain.

Some Great Health Benefits

Corn is known for its amazing health benefits. This is a member of the cereal family that has a lot of nutrients to offer the consumers.

  • It is a rich source of calories. Generally, there are 342 calories in per 100 grams of corn. This amount is the highest one in the cereal family.
  • If it is consumed in a regular manner, then the risk of having colorectal cancer is reduced. It is also good for preventing hemorrhoids. In many populations, it is known as a great support for the digestive system.
  • Corn yellow maize is also a rich source of vitamins for the human body. It has all the vitamin B constituents that can protect the human body from various ailments. It is also helpful in enhancing the immunity power.

Use of Corn Yellow Maize

The best use of corn is seen in the human diet. There are many countries where corn flour is considered as one of the main food ingredients. There are countries where sweet corns are consumed in a regular manner. Maize is the major Mexican food. Apart from that, it is also used widely as bio-fuel. Maize is also used as fodder than any other cereals.

Global Demand of Maize

According to some recent researches, the global demand for maize will go higher in the upcoming years. Within 2020 it may increase up to 45%. The maximum demand will be found in the developing countries. However, the demand for maize in the industrial countries is also significant.

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