Sunflower Confectionery

The sunflower is one of those hundred plants that have seeds with great nutritional elements. The seeds are widely used for producing oil. However, there is another type of sunflower seed, which is mostly known as confectionary sunflower seeds. You can consume them as food items and snacks. They are also used as bird feeding. You can get them from snacks to bread. It is a delicious item that can be easily included to your favorite food to make it tastier. The seeds have calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein. These seeds have an impressive amount of dietary fiber, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, dietary minerals such as zinc, phosphorous, manganese and magnesium.

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Characteristics of Sunflower Confectionery

Sunflower Confectionery is the American origin. North America is its native land. There was time when American Indians widely used these seeds in their daily diet as a high-energy food source. It is black in color with white stripes on the body. The size of the seed is mainly affected by the genetics of the plant. However, the climate and the soil are also responsible for the size and growth of the seeds. It is considered as one of the highest selling agronomic crops in the US market.

Benefits of Sunflower Confectionery

  • The item is used as a consumable product in the American market. It is widely used to add a nutty crunch to the confectionary items.
  • These seeds are added in the confectionary products to include a great texture and flavor to the food.
  • Sunflower Confectionery seeds are well known as the natural source of Vitamin E. That means they are extremely good for skin and hair.
  • These seeds have good effects on the nerves. The seed contains magnesium which is good for better neurologic functioning.
  • Apart from that sunflower seeds have nutritional elements that are highly effective to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Use of Sunflower Confectionery

As the very name suggest, these seeds are used in the confectionary business. They are used in preparing and decorating confectionery food products. You can have them as snacks also. Generally, it is roasted and seasoned. It is an ingredient for making foods that have bread. This is also given to birds as feeding. In Central European regions including Germany, the seeds are used to prepare flour to make dark bread.

Worldwide Demand of Sunflower Confectionery

In the USA you can see the maximum demand of this item because for Americans “chew and spit” roasted sunflower seeds are their favorite pastime. Apart from that in the market of Australia, you can find the great demand for the kernel. However, America is also considered as the rich source and exporter of Sunflower Confectionery too.

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