Flax is commonly known as linseed. It is a fiber and food crop, and it is mainly cultivated in the colder regions of this planet. Flaxseeds are widely used to make textiles which are known as linen. They are primarily used to prepare bed sheets, table covers, etc. Apart from the textiles, you can get oil from flax which is known as linseed oil. The plant can have blue, yellow or red flowers. This is an optimal source of micronutrients, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, as well as the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, which is also known as omega-3.

Flax seeds & Oil, Benefits of Flaxseed

Some Important Facts about Flax Seeds

It is believed that the seeds of flax are one of the oldest forms of crops in this world. They were widely cultivated in ancient China and Egypt. Cultivated linseed plants can become near about 4 feet tall. It has many health benefits, and it is one of those few crops that human can use both for textile and food. Thus, the demand for this crop can be seen worldwide. The oil can be extracted from the seeds through the technique of solvent extraction. Sometimes, it can be achieved through pressing as well.

Benefits of Flaxseeds

Though there are some confusions and doubts about the therapeutic properties of flax seeds, some people firmly believe that they have some great health benefits.

  • Consuming flax seeds can help you to fight against colon, breast as well as prostate cancers. Because of the presence of omega-3 fatty acid the malignant cells cannot be separated onto another body cell.
  • If you consume these seeds in a regular manner, then you can reduce your cholesterol level to a significant extent. Therefore, you can get a healthy heart.
  • Experiencing hot flashes is very common among the women who are going through their menopause. They can get rid of this issue if they include Flaxseeds in their regular diet.
  • These seeds are also good to improve the blood sugar level in your body. If someone has the problem of obesity along with diabetes, then these seeds can do wonder for them.

Use of Flaxseeds

There are multiple sections where you can see the use of flax seeds and oil. Apart from the textile industry, you can see the use of these seeds in the culinary matters. You can eat them as the grounded forms. Flaxseed sprouts are also edible. You can see people using these seeds as a medicine for the treatment of eyes, cold, flu, infections and the respiratory tract. The oil is used in the wooden work.

The Global Market

Since it is mainly cultivated in the colder regions so, you can see the highest growth of these seeds in Canada, Russia, China. Apart from that, there are countries like India, Argentina, and Ukraine where you can find a good amount of production.

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