Demand and Supply of Consumer Products from Bulgaria to Global Market

S.N.E. Serres North Export Ltd. is a leading agricultural produce exporter, marketing research and consulting, as well as quality inspection management. The company is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. The firm has been actively involved in exporting agricultural commodities to Far East Asia, Balkans, Europe, USA, Canada and Middle East. For the last 30 years, the company has exported quality agricultural products. Our export portfolio ranges from grains such as wheat and barley, sunflower, olive oil animal feeds, milk products, corn, mustard seeds, coriander seed, dry nuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts seeds among others.


The company prides itself in total customer satisfaction and over the last three decades; we have continuously produced unique agro products that are organic, rich in nutrients, safe for animal and human consumption as well as fresh and free from chemicals.  They use advanced packaging to keep products safe and contamination free. We also offer marketing advice and consultancy to our producers and processing industries and well as guide them through quality inspection and control procedures.

Our core values as outlined in the mission and vision statement are complete customer satisfaction, timely delivery, lack of comprise in quality, competitive pricing, collaboration with other companies, strong relationship with clients and fulfilling the needs of the society. Our genuine products have global recognized certifications such as HALAL, FDA and IFS.


To provide quality and excellent service, the management team and other workers are well trained and authorities in agribusiness, marketing research and exportation. The management team has a strong history of academic, agribusiness and exportation success that is not rivaled by any other firm in Bulgaria.

Demand and Supply of Consumer Products from Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a vibrant market which records a positive trade balance amounting to over 3.5 billion USD in 2010. As at 2010, the countries agricultural exports were 17% as compared to 10% import resulting to a positive trade balance.

Bulgaria is a leading exporter of oilseed crops such as soya beans, sunflower and olive oil. Previously, the country was a net exporter of sunflower seeds but with increased capacity to crush them; there is an increased trend of local consumption as a confectionary sunflower seed. In addition to the seeds, the country also exports sunflower oil, striped sunflower for animal feed, bakery sunflower, sunflower flour and pellets. Sunflower has extensive health benefits as a food ingredient and it use as human food is increasing globally. Olive oil is greatly demanded in Europe and Greece as due to its nutritive value and is popular in Mediterranean cuisines.


Bulgaria produces tree nuts such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. The increasing local demand has seen an increase in local production supported by European Union investment. The rising local and global demand for coriander seeds, tree nuts, hazelnuts is caused by increased demand for organic healthy foods in the euro zone and Asia.

The market for tree nuts and sunflower is mainly driven by increases volume, high consumer attention to healthy foods, increased attention to high quality raw products, better storage and packaging, seasonality, competitive local price and increased internet sales.

Grain and feed market is a large thriving business in Bulgaria. The most popular grains include wheat, barley, millet, corn and sorghum. These are used to produce human and animal feeds.  According to global agricultural information network (GAIN), there will be a 6.25% increase in production in 2016. It is expected that;  there will be  increased export of corn, barley, millet and sorghum due to increased demand and health benefits; decline in export of wheat in the EU wheat due to changing diets and health issues as well as increased export of wheat product to China and new markets.