Beet Sugar Pulp Pellets

Sugar beet or beet sugar is a plant that has a high concentration of sucrose at the root. This is a commercial plant which is mainly used for sugar production. The beet sugar pulp pellets often use in animal husbandry to feed the cattle. France, USA, Russia, Germany, and Ukraine are the top five countries where the production of sugar beet is very high.

Top Features

It is generally supplied to the industry of animal husbandry as dried flakes or compressed pellets. However, usually it is soaked in the water before it is given to the horse or other livestock. It is high in energy and fiber, but surprisingly low in carbohydrate. It has some other nutritional elements like protein, calcium, Vitamin A and so on.

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Uses of Beet Sugar Pulp Pallets

  • The main uses of beet pulp can be seen in the animal husbandry area where these pallets are widely used to feed horses and other animals.
  • Sometimes, they are used directly and sometimes as a part of other foods.
  • These beet sugar pulp pallets are perfect replacement of hay for the old horses that has lost their natural ability of chewing.

Health Benefits of Beet Sugar Pulp Pellets

Since they are rich in protein and vitamins, thus owners of horses prefer to use the beet sugar pulp to feed their animals to offer them a good amount of nutrition as a daily diet. These pellets are rich in calcium which is good for the bones of the animals.

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