Outpace Other Businesses by Selling Quality Agri-Exports from Bulgaria

Bulgaria is endowed with rich agricultural lands that are source to many grain, oil seeds as well as natural and nutritive tree nuts. The main grain crops include wheat, sorghum, barley, millet and corn. Tree nuts include hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds. Other products include sunflower, rapeseed, coriander seeds, milk products and by products, olives and soya beans. These products are consumed locally but some are exported to other countries such as Far East Asia, European Union, Balkans, USA, Canada and Middle East.

Exported Products from Bulgaria

There are many reason for importing grains and farm produce from Bulgaria. First, these products are grown organically with no harmful chemicals involved. This guarantees you safe products without any trace chemicals from pesticides and herbicides accumulating in the body and causing diseases.

 Secondly, the country has invested in growing products with high nutritive value. These products are sought for in many developed countries and therefore a thriving business exists. As more people become alarmed about health and nutritive value of some produce; more quality products with high nutritive value are been preferred.

Thirdly, products from Bulgaria are sold through well qualified agencies that offer valuable marketing information and are ready to negotiate prices. This guarantees you competitive costs and higher profits. The leading agribusiness agencies ensure high product quality as well as safe and contamination free packaging that make products safe for human and animal consumption. Importing from this country assures you of good food products that not only satisfies the consumers but also leaves them with the urge for more.

Leading agencies also provide valuable insights to exporters. Information on market, production and price trends is useful in guiding importers and this ensures they also benefit as crucial members of the supply chain.

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Types of Exported products

Sunflower seeds- sunflower is a highly nutritive product. They contain vitamin E, magnesium, calcium and potassium. They have capacity to prevent Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and thyroid system diseases.  They are used to make oil, animal and human products. They are eaten as raw products, used in confectionaries and as livestock feeds. The main export products include linolec, NuSun and high oleic.

Soya meal: there is wide range of soya products from leading soya beans exporter in Bulgaria. These have high nutritive value and contain iron, magnesium and calcium.

Wheat and sorghum: wheat is a major constituent of many European, American and Asian diets. Wheat exporters in Bulgaria provide a wide range of products that include plain, maida and bread flour. Wheat has many health benefits including preventing type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation and is rich in magnesium. In addition, sorghum exporters provide this rich grain that has high nutritive value.

Olive oil: olive oil exporters provide high nutritive value products that reduce the risk of malignant melanoma, skin cancer and act as a di-oxidant among other benefits. It is popular in European and Mediterranean cuisines.

Almonds: Almonds exporter in Bulgaria supply a wide range of products derived from these nutritive tree nuts. They are used as additives in cuisines and produce savory dishes.

Coriander and pumpkin seeds:  this is a useful plant in the providing spices and herbs. They have numerous health benefits and are rich source of vitamin C. they provide a high and rich source of dietary fiber and prevent many chronic illnesses such as mouth ulcers, anemia and hypertension.